Dark Dungeons

Relf Likes The Free Drinks

Also, Relf likes Money

Say what you will about adventuring, but the appreciation you get when you do a job well done? Nothing better. Nothing! Especially when that involves copious food, drinks and money. I mean, sure, we did it for the good of the people and to rid them of a evil pestering cult that was sacrificing goats and girls, but I mean, being drunk afterward at least makes it easier to adjust to normal society. Normal, non-sacrificin’ society.

What I’m really trying to get at is: Ale is good. Reward Ale is way better.

I guess we have new help at the inn, which Selma should appreciate it! It’s the said girl about to be sacrificed. Noone seems to recognize her in town and she’s having trouble remembering those important details about herself. At the least, the inn’s a good place to see people that recognize her and we can use the help as the inn gets more and more visitors.

Now, we just have to hope that the inn didn’t have some sort of CRISIS while we were away, as they are so prone to do. The bodyguards should circumvent it, but things are getting crazy out here! Maybe I’ll even share some of my Reward Ale with them.



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