Dark Dungeons

Relf Doesn't Worry About Larry Anymore

Because Larry's Dead.

Larry’s Well Being is Not Well! In fact, he’s dead. Super dead. That 2 headed beast thing slayed him soon after I wrote my last entry. I think he had some final words to share, but there’s was this accident with a bard and a big giant sphere and it was messy. I wasn’t going to lean down and hear them anyway. He had a knife. He’d probably just stab me. He spoke knifeese fluently

I took the knife and we’re going to place it in the trophy area of the inn. I’m not sure why. I guess we could say it’s to honor the dead or something, but honestly I like having stabbing implementations in convienent spots. You know, just in case you need to stab something.

On the other hand, a bunch of his other cultists buddies are dead too! Though we killed them. We managed to save the girl and stop the cultist in one fell swoop and we’re eagerly awaiting our reward from the town. Relf the Dwarf takes gold, ale or dwarven women. There seems to be a distinct lack of my kind in this area, other than my cousin. Be nice to see a proper ladybeard around here.

Sorry, I’m a little tipsy tonight! Not from beer. From blood loss. Took a nice little beating in the last fight. I’m going to go lay down until people tell me that’s unhealthy to do for a concussion.



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