Dark Dungeons

"Friends" met upon the road

And a goat, to boot.

I’m getting a little anxious, waiting here in the woods for dark to fall. Antsy, if you will. I have always hated sitting on my laurels, not doing anything. There is always something to do, something to see, something to learn. People to entertain, treasure to acquire. Sometimes though, the act of doing requires patience…and a lot of waiting.

I’ve passed the hours with a few trips to the road to watch for more of these black-robed cultists. Larry assured us this is the right place, but at first I was skeptical. Surely people would have noticed a fortress this close to town? Still, he proved to be right. Within a few hours figures clad in black robes and carrying items which I can only presume to be for some demonic ritual began travelling down the dirt path leading deeper into the wilds.

It was while watching the third such person that I was struck with an idea. A simple incantation, and suddenly I had made another new “friend”, carrying a goat in a sack. I brought him to the others and explained that, using our rather charming personalities, Molay and I could easily create a veritable army of “friends” within the stronghold, to help us at a critical time. Although hesitant to employ such obviously amoral individuals, Molay agreed, and we set off to watch the road again.

So, here I sit, with four new “friends” ready to aid us when we appear at their “party”. I am excited just thinking about it. A maiden to rescue, a dark cult to bring down, a fortress to storm. What a song I will write, to sing of our deeds.

Perhaps I will call it “Friendship is Magic”.



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