Dark Dungeons

Double vision?

This place is just full of trouble! No sooner had we finished off the two headed guy than we were encountering other…other worldly creatures.

On our way to the cult’s “party”, we encountered a bunch of skeletons. Luckily they were easily routed, our biggest fight was yet to come…

When we finally made it to where the cultists were partying down, we saw that they had a lady tied up and ready to sacrifice. Their ring leader cast several horrible spells, including one that made it appear as though there were many of him. Not knowing which one the real ghoul was, we began attacking them as we could. The dwarf finally struck the real one down. With the help of our “friends from the road”, the cultists had fought amongst themselves enough that we didn’t need to do much to finish them off. Now to rescue the person who they were wanting to sacrifice…



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