Dark Dungeons

Blue Oyster Cult

Brother Molay’s Journal
Entry 19

With the abomination defeated, we felt invigorated by the light to press on quickly. We stomped with ferocious intensity through the rest of the dungeon, barely pausing. Beset by skeletons, Gautama shone his blessings upon us and we prevailed without incident through his turning.

Soon, we found ourselves facing down a room full of cultists focused on their foul sacrifice. They attacked, but thanks to our previous charm spells supplemented by further magic, many of them fought for us. Their leader, some kind of spirit or warlock, cast devious and evil spells upon us.

Though prevailing, Knut and I were cursed at the end of the battle. I felt a great tumult between the gods as this happened. Happily, with one spell left, I was able to lift the magic from Knut. Gautama be praised I should be able to do the same for myself on the morrow.

Now there is little else to do but raid the dungeon for treasures and free the poor woman who was nearly sacrificed. We shall see then what is next.



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