Thinks rabbits really like her…or maybe she just spent too much time in the woods?

As a child, she traveled with her family in nomadic band of gypsy elves. As she grew, she wondered farther away from her group each time they sat up camp. All the friends she ever had among her family group were the domesticated animals, as all of her siblings and cousins were either significantly older or younger than she was. When they would stop along a forest trail, she loved to interact with the wildlife. When she was old enough to go off on her own, she realized that she had fallen in love with the forest that her family past through often, and decided to stay. She learned the ways of the forest, staying mostly with a band of rabbits whose warren she had made her home in the tree above. Many peaceful years past in those woods….

Until one day, she noticed a crow after one of her rabbits. She ran to shew the crow away, and as it took flight, it dropped a small tube and thread that was tied to it’s leg. As she opened the tube, out slid a tightly wound piece of parchment and a small metal chain with an odd symbol on it. She knew that she had seen the symbol before, and decided that she should finish the crow’s delivery. With that, she packed a few things and headed to the closest town…


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