Dark Dungeons

The Crumbling Tower

and why I should not have skipped gym class at the Academy.

So, we found the cultist leader that Larry mentioned. He turned out to be a fucking demon. Honestly, I would have been more surprised, but with everything that’s happened in the last month, this just seemed like the logical next step. I valiantly slayed the beast, placing an arrow between its eyes and sending it back to the depths of the Abyss! Alright, well, I may have had a little help from my friends. I mean, the thing was more interested in dissecting the dwarf than it was in my arrows, so I had plenty of time to aim, which was nice. Still, I’ll probably put the arrow on display in the inn and have it labeled “Demonsbane” or some such thing. You know, draw the crowds in to see the hero’s artifacts!

Unfortunately, that was the end of my heroics for the day. The rest of the day was much less flattering and will most definitely be left out of the epic I’m writing. The building that Molay destabilized continued its slow but inevitable collapse, and we thought that we would be well served to remove any valuables, lest they be crushed. So, we concocted a plan to use a rope tied to the horses and secured in the building’s second story as a means of ingress.

Now, a question I find myself asking…myself…is, why didn’t I just use the bloody stairs?

I fell from that damnable rope three times. Now, I’m an accomplished climber. Rockfaces, buildings, walls, trees, giant women, gates, hedgerows…I can climb them all. So what is so damn difficult about a simple rope? It wasn’t even vertical! I mean, all I had to do was wrap my legs around it and pull with my arms! Truly embarrassing.

In the end, I did find and secure some valuables (including a fine mahogany dresser, much to Molay’s joy), which we have since used to improve our home and business. Ludd still haunts the inn, but I’m certain that he and I can become friends someday. I just wish I knew what ghosts do for fun? I mean, is there the ghost equivalent to getting hammered? I offered the other day to play a game of stones with him, I mean, I can move them on the board for him, he just has to instruct me as to their placement. He vanished in a huff once more. Really, I am just trying to raise his spirits (get it?).



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