Dark Dungeons

Hotel full of scorn for ya

After capturing one of the dark priests, we took him back to the inn to rest and recooprtate. On my watch he decided to wake and make s nuisance of himself. He was charmed by the priest, so I had a feeling to see me upon waking would not be well met. I drew my sword with the loudest clangs I could to wake the others, and attempt to intimidate him into following my instruction despite asking him politely at first to lie back down and rest until morning. He attempted to knock me out of the way and leave, but I did not engage. Then the priest came in to speak with him and subdued him.

The next day the bard was anle to identify several objects that we’ve found, and we spoke to the dark one of his intent and origins. He told us of a dark convent deep in the woods.

We struck out to find it. I went ahead for several hours as the party rested to scout out the area, and I came upon the compound just as he described. I returned to camp to give my report, and the priest and bard deliberated on a plan of attack. The priest cast a spell that collapsed part of the main building, this took out quite a few of them. Then the party took out the rest. Just when we thought ourselves victorious, a large demon exploded from the collapsing structure. It was a long and hard battle, but we finally vanquished the beast…



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