Dark Dungeons

Collected Relf Thoughts, Section 1

I don’t know where the blood goes when my axe drinks it. But it does keep it clean without any washing up, which clears up some additional drinking time on my behalf. I can always appreciate some more drinkin’.

Speaking of drinks, one of my cousins came to inn! Or at least, I think he’s my cousin. He’s certainly brash and loud enough to be my cousin and I can definitely appreciate it! I’m pretty sure he and I had some good times in Mine School? Whatever. I made sure Selma gave him the family discount (0%) and even got him a job in the crew, which he seems to appreciate! Better keep the ale store away from him though. It’s much better under my care.

I haven’t had a chance to talk to a plant yet much to my disappointment. I spent most of my time underground, so I’m not sure what plants would even really say. “Oh how I love the sun!” “Hey, check out this bit of water I just found!” “WHY DO I HAVE SO MANY SQUIRRELS?” Stuff like that, I guess. I’m going to have to be pretty drunk for this.

We burned a LOT of cultist. I think we crushed a lot more today. I don’t understand why they keep trying around here when we keep burning and crushing them.

[The last half of the page is a scribbled drawing of a cultist on fire. Several ale stains accomapny this work of art.]



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