Dark Dungeons

As I Catch my Breath

Brother Molay’s Journal
Entry 15

I have scarce time to write here, though I felt it may be important to jot some notes.

The cultist that I had enchanted previously woke up and attacked his guard El-Ahrairah. She was easily able to fend him off, but it is a reminder that simply falling under a spell of glamour is not enough to make certain enemies have become friends. Orders are required.

He informed us about a nefarious-sounding group meeting nearby our inn. Duty bound to protect this valley and in the name of Gautama, we agreed to investigate and possibly disperse this menace. Due to the danger, we allowed a new helper into our ranks – a particular cousin of Relf’s named, and I may be mangling the Dwarvish here, Gnorsh.

We approached the stronghold with stealth, and quickly hatched a plan to cripple it. Drust cast invisibility on me and I approached the fort unseen. Once there, I used a newly gained power to reshape some of the structural stones in the building into a small statue of me. While the attack was somewhat successful, and caused much damage to the wall and inhabitants, it also shows the work I must continue to do to remove myself of pride. Only one with a long path to enlightenment would chose to make an image of ones self when any shape is possible.

Meditation is needed on the matter.

Once the mundane defenders had been dispatched, an evil demon-like creature erupted from the walls and attacked. We were dealt a near-crippling blow from its ferocity, but in the end managed to beat it back to the void.

The fortress still needs to be explored. I am writing these words while catching my breath. May Gautama guide us.



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