Drust the Riot

The Half-Elf you call for all your party needs


His name his Drust. They call him “The Riot”. Who calls him that, and why? Well, you will just have to ask him. Personally, I don’t think anyone actually refers to him as “The Riot”. That’s a dumb nickname.

Drust is a loud, hyper, annoying, swindling half-elf. Oh, ostensibly he is a “bard”, but don’t let that fool you. He’s a charmer, he’s boisterous, and he can certainly spin a tale and sing a song. He’s also a liar, a thief, a no-good-two-timing cheater. He will tell you all the things you love to hear, buy you a drink, and while you are distracted, take anything he can.

You hear me Drust? You bastard! You told me you loved me! That we’d run away together, and we would build a house in the country! You said we’d go see your Elvish homeland! Now I’m stuck here with Da, and he is SO MAD that I’m pregnant with some “half-breed’s” kid!

Please come back?

I hate you.

I love you. Write me!

Drust the Riot

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